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development consulting

From bespoke initial market surveys
to the effective opening
of new agencies
and partnerships


International expansion strategy counseling
steering complex global projects
market and, feasibility studies, competition benchmark
building international partnersips and M&A mandates
opening international branches, animating networks



Going international helps diluate your risk, deploy your offer on new market segments, widen your territory and gain a very differenciating visibility on your competitors.

Now, every market has its own specificities (dimension, culture, regulations, competition...), a whole set of new entry data you'll have to face and which may substantially modify your model.

International development is more than a mere extension of your national activity. It's a healthy shake-up of your whole organisation (product adaptation, alternative supply chain, new technical, commercial or financial partnerships...).

To turn these situations into growth opportunities, differencies must be identified and the ecosystem must be tamed.


With 25 years experience of international development (international director) and projects in over 40 countries on all continents, Winternational Consulting ofers a methodology adapted to every stage of your international project.

Inspired by the "Scrum" agile method, Winternational sets up a dynamic framework with clear objectives and milestones, which relies on your own ressources only as much as they are available and completes the scheme with all the necessary additional ressources, within the approved budget.

From initial market studies to setting the global strategy and to its effective international field implementation , every step is precisely framed by the mission agenda.




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Be it just another growth engine or a

 priority development strategy, international development is a change of scale with numerous impacts on your organisation

The world: There's no larger market!

in France and abroad



in over 40 countries on all continents


Construction : Bouygues Construction / Skanska / Solétanche Bachy / Strabag / Valgo / Vinci Grands Projets...

Testing, Inspection, Certification : Afnor / Cerway HQE / CSTB / Qualiconsult / Socotec...

Real Estate : Axa Reim / Bouygues Immo. / Les Nouveaux Constructeurs / Nexity / Sogeprom / Unibail Westfield / Vinci Promotion...

Hospitality : Accor / Continental Hôtels / Golden Tulip / Louvre Hôtels / Sandaya / Yelloh...

Industry : Air Liquide / Arcelor / Dacia / Haulotte / Lafarge / Michelin / Renault / Saint Gobain Glass / Schneider Electric / Valéo...

Food Industry : Cristal Union / Lactalis / Médéol / Nutrixo / Soufflet...

Banks, Insurances, Services : Axa / BRD / Groupama / Posteimmo / Orange / Société Générale...

FMCG & Retail : Auchan / Bricostore / Carrefour Property / Décathlon / Leroy Merlin / Metro Cash&Carry...


☆  gap analysis

☆  international scoring

☆  international Proof Of Concept (POC)

☆  development strategy

☆  market surveys / competition benchmark

☆  feasibility studies

☆  stake-holders mapping

☆  m&a mandate

☆  partners search
☆  integration of new branches
☆  support at take-of
☆  commercial steering of branches
☆  international network operating rules

☆  economic intelligence / market watch

☆  lobbying / reputation
☆  eco-geo-political mapping

☆  support on international fairs

☆  mystery customer

☆  externalised international manager



A gap analysis to evaluate the steps to climb 

The systemic audit assesses the preparedness of your organisation (experience, maturity), so as to understand the effort to produce with respect to your own international plans and issues.

We conduct a scoring of the inside elements which may help or may slow your international development, by assessing the organisation as a whole (product, business model, technological model, available ressources, investment capacities...), but also the appetite of the teams to enter the international project.

This strategic assessment reveals the systemic gaps between the day-to-day reality of your company and the international project, to identify blocking aspects and plan the necessary modifications.


knowing the "metrics" of the market and its capacities to absorb your offer

For every product or range of products, we collect information at all the levels which impact the project (fundamental data about the market and the territory, competition, mix elements...), thus revealing the local specificities.

This cartography sets your model in its new environnement and lets us fine tune the international project, taking all local forces into account (Porter model).

The analysis is conducted so as to bring a sufficient level of detail in order to orientate management strategic choices, pointing out success and failure factors of the said market.


an approch of the operational elements

The feasibility of an international project details all operational elements which determine the feasibility of a precise strategy.

The corresponding study details calendars and budgets, verifying there's no inconsistency in the strategy, with respect to the tangible reality of the market to conqueer.

The settlement study is the last step, complete with budgets and agendas to act on the company's legal status, the necessary team and the location of the whole.


setting the path to further development

Based on conclusions from the Gap Analysis (own ressources) and the Market Studies, (outer ecosystem), we recommend priority countries, short and medium term objectives, to give you the strategy hand-made on your reality.


Is it the safest? is it the quickest? the cheapest? the most audacious? Your sole combination of factors will determine it.

The recommended strategy then becomes the roadmap to your development, setting the correct angle of expansion adapted to your model, planing the necessary adaptations on all the aspects of the project (Human, market, finance, legal, technology, supply chain...).


identifying targets for merger growth

The merger of a foreign company already active on its market is one of the best ways to get a fast présence on the international map. In many a growth strategy, this method shall be offered instead of organic growth.

With a mandate from you, we chase and identify m&a targets with a shareholders profile, a technical skill and a geographic market fit for your strategy.


We take charge of the first contacts with the targets, keeping your identity safe, we audit the companies from the commercial, legal and human point of view and stay on your side throughout the multiple calls of the negociation process and the signing of the corresponding contract.


finding industrial, commercial, academic partners abroad

When your service or product is ripe, concluding a strong partnership with a leader partner in a country is often a way to deeply penetrate a market without investing much money and time.

​After defining the ideal profile, we identify industrial, commercial, financial or academic candidates. They are screened according to their understanding of your offer and their capacity to deploy it on a strategic area and we validate their eagerness to partner with you.

Winternational helps you throughout the partnership negociations, all the way to the signing of the partnership and prepares the necessary documents at every stage (MOU, NDA, Offer, Contract...).


setting the framework for a successful launch and a smooth management

When a new subsidiary or partnership is officially launched, its performance during the first few weeks (take-off) is critical for the success of the whole investment. Misunterstandings and delays at this stage are hard to catch up later.

A well-planned take-off along with an adapted communication scheme are of the essence to initiate the momentum and send a strong signal to all the stake-holders in the project: home teams, local teams, partners, clients, competitors...

Winternational prepares this critical phase with you, listing all tasks to be done, setting a retroactive calendar and distributing roles. This support allows the local team to focus on its core value and provides a third party eye to correct trajectories as feed-back and issues arise.


find data and act local to protect your investment

As a third party to your organisation, We can identify drifts of the system or opportunities, with an impact on your strategy, which can otherwise be missed.

Winternational can plan a permanent or a punctual watch of identified markets or market indicators and program an alarm warning whenever we spot an information which jeopardizes your balance or plans.

When it becomes necessary to communicate with state bodies or the public opinion, Winternational can again appear as a third party council, promoting your interests without being directly exposed.


skilled professionals all over the world

Bespoke answers to your needs through skilled sources of expertise

in over 40 countries on all continents.



Our commitment : to accurately study your context so as to offer you realistic, implementable solutions, adapted to the local specificities of your new markets.

Contexts are so diverse that it is hard to understand a market with all its human, commercial, technical and legal complexity without validating the data with local experts.

All experienced professionals with tremendous backgrounds in the fields of sustainable construction, urban planning, testing, inspection and certification, our experts know their markets and their tricks, in most of the countries you will want to conqueer.

These experts are coordinated from France, to guarantee that the information you are planning to build your strategy on, is relevant with your global expansion scheme.

That's why Winternational Consulting can proudly claim being today the first consulting agency specialised in international development and with an expertise in sustainable construction, proptech, greentech and cleantech companies.

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  • feasibility and competition studies

  • defining the mix structure from scratch

  • writing of a profitable and resilient business plan

  • strategic recommendations

  • internet site functional analysis > writing of the specifications book

  • tender > selection of an IT company

  • content writing and SEO

  • full coordination of the project and project stake holders

  • full driving of the project team using an agile approach

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